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School & Pupil First Aid & Safety

AETP can provide flexible training sessions tailored to satisfy areas of the National Curriculum and of value to pupils of varying ages.

There can be no worse feeling than being a helpless bystander in an emergency, especially if it affects a friend or relative.  Many children suffer severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), asthma, epilepsy and diabetes.  It is best practice for such children to use a ‘buddy’ system to ensure their safety and wellbeing should an emergency occur. The ‘buddy’ needs to have sufficient first aid knowledge and skills to ensure they are able to take confident, prompt, appropriate action to help in such an emergency.

The same applies for children who are carers of parents or siblings when at home or taking on the  high responsibilities of babysitting.  Adequate knowledge and skills are vital for confidence and emotional wellbeing in all such situations.   Pupils taught by AETP were highly commended for taking control of an ill health incident in a public library and administering appropriate first aid:  see testimonial

Being able to make rapid risk assessments and judgements about how to do things safely is essential both to the running of your school and the safety of the day to day activities in which the children are involved but also is a skill the children themselves need to develop.  It is crucial that they learn about risk and how to deal with it as early as possible and build natural risk management principles into their daily lives.  Simple risk management issues can be addressed within almost any area of the curriculum.  AETP provides interactive sessions on aspects of road, home and leisure safety which pupils find stimulating and thought provoking as well as fun.  These contribute to their own perceptions of risk and personal safety.

AETP would be pleased to discuss any of the above and develop a flexible but targetted programme to suit your requirements,  Why not get in touch by going to the Contact us section of the site.

Sessions/courses available for pupils are very flexible in content, duration, timing and will be tailored to School’s requirements.  They may be suitable for example in: key/core skills, GCSE PE, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, field trips, PSHE, parenting classes, DT, Food Technology, Sport or as extra curricular added value.   They could include:

  • tailored first aid – various lengths, suitable for specified age groups
  • Babysitters courses incorporating elements of home safety, first aid for children and infants, general issues to do with home emergencies eg isolating electricity, evacuation in a fire, phone calls and strangers at the door.
  • Home safety / prevention of accidents in the home especially to children
  • Risk assessment and management –

Course aims

  • to provide bespoke training tailored to need or requirements.

Courses will include:

  • up to date information appropriate to the subject of the training; content to be discussed in advance to ensure it satisfies School’s requirements

Course details:

format: informal, professional, up to date, fun, interactive, relevant ans as challenging as is required or appropriate
when: your choice of dates
where: your school
how long: to be determined in discussion between school and AETP and depending on content and level which in turn depends on the age of the audience.
how many: no limitations except on examinable first aid courses eg FAW/Emergency First Aid
type of certificate: variable
cost: Fees are likely to be in the range £100-£350 but these details can be discussed when we are booking courses.  Discounts will be avaialble especially if more than one session is booked eg one for staff and one for pupils.
who should attend: appropriate aged pupils

Training will be to October 2010 Resuscitation Council Guidelines.