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Home Safety & First Aid

Would you know what to do or would you be a helpless bystander when an accident or injury occurred?

AETP has long experience of providing training in First Aid, safety and accident prevention in home and leisure settings.  After all, shouldn’t we all have the skills to cope in an emergency, including administering possibly life saving first aid?

Such courses might be for  young parents and grandparents of young children, Scouts and Guides, groups of friends, family, nannies, babysitters, childminders, NCT groups and others.

Training will be to October 2010 Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

Course aims

  • to satisfy the wants and needs of any particular group

Courses will include:

  • relevant information, knowledge and skills to satisfy the course aims

Course details:

format: very informal, professional, up to date, fun, interactive
when: your choice of dates
where: your choice of venue eg someone’s home, hired facilities
how long: varying length, to be discussed
how many: sufficient to make course affordable? You could get a group together.
type of certificate: depending on the subject
cost: to be discussed at booking
who should attend: anyone who wishes to gain the skills on offer