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FAW Refresher

Skill decay is rapid, especially in a very practical skill which (hopefully) you have little opportunity to practice.  And yet, should the occasion arise, you need to be absolutely confident that you will still know what to do and how exactly to do it effectively.

Training will be to October 2010 Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

Course aims:

  • to refresh practical CPR skills
  • to restore confidence in CPR skills and knowledge
  • ensure first aiders are up to date with latest guidelines and changes
  • to maintain standards of best practice in FAW

Course will include:

  • theory and practice of first aid appropriate for treating unconsciousness, cardiac and respiratory arrest, shock and bleeding

Course details:

format: very active session containing lots of practical resuscitation on ‘Annies’;  rolling round the floor putting each other in the recovery position and bandaging
when: your choice of date
where: your venue, ‘annies’ travel to you!
how long: this FAW refresher course can be run over 3-4hrs or be combined with an Emergency First Aid course running over 6hrs.
how many: Up to 12 per trainer.  Just let us know how many you need trained?  We will adapt to your needs
type of certificate: 1 yr attendance certificate
cost: are competitive and based on either a per capita or course fee.  Please contact us to discuss details.
who should attend: all FAW qualified staff should do the FAW refresher annually;

Of course ideally, everyone would be given the opportunity of being able to do CPR;

You can perhaps use this annual refresher as a way to gradually get everyone coordinated to do their FAW requalification at the same time.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, we look forward to your call.

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