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Child Accident Prevention & Risk Management

1/2day, x1 day or x2 day

Course aims: to tackle the toll of injury and accidents to children by identifying causes and  practical, effective prevention strategies that can be transferred into practice.

Course will include:

  • reviewing child accident statistics, in order to
  • identify the causes of child accidents, so that we can
  • develop prevention strategies
  • using risk management techniques
  • using group work, case studies, shared experiences, in order to
  • identify effective means of ‘passing messages on’ / incorporating what has been learnt into practice
  • planning how to: engage the ‘clients’/families and involve other agancies and partners

Course details:

format:  informal, professional, up to date, fun, interactive, challenging, relevant
when:  your choice of dates
where:  at your place – we do the travelling to anywhere in the UK or beyond!
how long ½ day, x1day or x2 days
how many: 6 – 20 participants
type of certificate:   attendance
cost:   AETP is well aware of current financial stringencies.  Fees will be competitive and range from £250-£1200.  We will be pleased to discuss this when planning your courses with you.
who should attend: any professionals involved in childcare – health visitors; children’s centre staff;  home visitors, outreach workers; creche/nursery staff

Commissioning of this training will usually be by Early Years, PCTs (where they still exist), Local authorities, education departments or private sector settings / nursery chains.

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