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Oh the dreaded resus training I hear you sigh; long faces, expectation of boredom!  Not so with AETP. BLS training will be highly professional, to the most up to date Resuscitation Council Guidelines, relevant, as well as fun! NHS requirements are that BLS and Anaphylaxis Management training should be annual for all clinical staff and every 3yrs for non-clinical staff. We all know skills decay rapidly if not practiced regularly. Resuscitation skills are no exception. So let’s just get on with it!

Training will be delivered by individuals with direct experience of carrying our resuscitation, on adults, children and infants; and with personal experience of anaphylaxis, ensuring all training is conducted with quiet authority and a high degree of professionalism.
Training will cover adult, child and infant techniques.

AETP also offers Anaphylaxis and Defibrilator (AED) training as required.

All training will be given to the most up to date Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

AETP works completely independently but we have established links with carefully selected pharmaceutical companies.  So if it is helpful, we can arrange for your training to be sponsored, and you willl often get a lunch thrown in for free! Equally however, there is no obligation whatsoever to choose this option.

Course aims:

  • to equip participants to treat  unconsciousness
  • to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to carry out effective resuscitation (CPR) techniques
  • to ensure participants gain the confidence necessary to carry out effective resuscitation
  • to update knowledge and skills in relation to anaphylaxis
  • to update knowledge and skills in relation to choking

Course will include:

assessment of patient/casualty; treatment of unconsciousness, cardiac and respiratory arrest, at level of basic life support (BLS) to satisfy current professional standards including NHS and CQC requirements.

Course details:

format: very informal, professional, up to date, fun, interactive, challenging
when: your choice of dates
where: ‘Annies’ travel, we come to you
how long: 2 – 2½hrs (plus or minus depending on numbers and existing knowledge and skills, required content of training eg inclusion of anaphylaxis management and/or defib/AED
how many: ideally not more then 12 in a session.  This can be discussed.
type of certificate: valid for one year for clinical staff and 3yrs for non-clinical staff.
cost: Fees will be in the range £250-£350 depending on content and length of session.  For example, combination of BLS with anaphylaxis and/or defibrillator (AED) training can be provided.
AETP can arrange sponsorship by a pharmaceutical company if this helps defray the costs to surgery.
who should attend: all surgery staff

Why not contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to train your staff.